HVAC/ AC Maintenance Services

HVAC/ AC Maintenance Services


Our specific services that are covered in HVAC

  • Complete air conditioner maintenance
  • Original parts and a safe process
  • Technician with experience and training
  • Excellent and cost effective customer services

Air conditioning systems are especially important in Dubai during the hot summer months when the temperature is high. These heating and cooling systems consume at least 40% of your utility bill. Ignoring required maintenance will reduce air conditioner performance and increase energy consumption.

The AC maintenance services Dubai in your home is a complex interconnected mechanism. That needs to be properly treated air, the heating, cooling, and ventilation components rely on one another. It is dangerous for non- professionals to work on so leave such issues to the professionals.


Technical Services

We Perform All Types of Technical Services

T.R.G Technical Services company in Dubai is well known throughout the industry for the dedicated team and service provision that takes on and manages annual contracts for all the air conditioners on a tight budget. We provide tried and true technical services regarding AC maintenance services in Dubai.

Our skilled engineers provide emergency repairs for any air conditioning system breakdown.

Regular Ac maintenance services  keeps Air condition(AC) units in  good working order, aids in the early  detection of potential problems, and prevents larger inconveniences and repair costs. Our professional and experts thoroughly inspect your AC maintenance services and unit determines the root cause of the problem to determine the possible solution.

We are used to managing Fresh Air Handling Units, Fan Coil Units, Split A/C Units, Heat Exchangers (External Cleaning and Flushing), and Heat Recovery Wheels in the Air Conditioning industry. We can repair most common air conditioning problems such as fan coil cleaning, air valve cleaning, dirty or blocked air diffusers and filters, faulty fan belts, temperature and pressure sensors, and loose fittings that cause noise or vibration.

We are used to managing Fresh Air Handling Units , Fan coil units, split A/C units, heat exchange(cleaning, external and flushing ), and heat recovery wheels in the air conditioning industry. We can repair most common AC maintenance problems  and repairs such as fan coil, cleaning, air valve  cleaning, dirty or blocked air diffusers and filters, faulty fan belts , temperature and pressure, sensors for non- professionals to work on so leave such issues to the professionals .

Quick & Efficient

24/7 Availability

Free Estimation

Affordable Price

T.R.G technical services company in Dubai provides a cost effective AC maintenance services package in Dubai that can save energy, lower your utility bill, and provide a comfortable climate in your home.

So please contact us if you have any questions, and we will do our best to meet your HVAC maintenance services that the system needs.

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