Machine Services

Machine Services

machining service

Special Assignments (consultancy) for Oil and Gas Industry

Our T.R.G mechanical services in Dubai team are not limited to providing the services only to customers but we are also targeting businesses. Our scope is not limited to Dubai but also targeting the worldwide oil and gas sectors.

 It is providing mechanical services not only in Dubai but also in oilfield service companies in Dubai, Canada, gulf cooperation countries and Europe. Regarding that are supervised by highly competent and experienced personnel in consultancy.

Our experienced, skilled engineers are ready to tackle any task, no matter how difficult. We take care with your work. At T.R.G that provide mechanical services to the all oil and gas industries. We have ability to serve you according to your requirements and provide perfect service delivery to the companies

In the context of special assignment, we are working as manpower Supplier Company at the global level. We are also one of the consultancy to serve the worldwide manpower supply in the field of machine services to the oil and gas industries. T.R.G mechanical service company in Dubai is providing expert labor at affordable prices. If you’re in search of availing our service in this regard the just call us

Mechanical services

We Perform All Types of Mechanical services

Our mission at Mechanical Service Company in UAE is simple: to provide the best service and expert advice to our customers so that they can make informed decisions. Our mission statement has been ingrained in our culture, which is reflected in our customer commitment and support provided at all levels of our organization throughout the world.

Turning, milling, cutting, drilling, slotting, grinding and repair of all types of components, including shafts, impellers, bearing housing and machine parts.

We want to be a leader in the production of high quality products in Dubai. We distinguish ourselves from our competitors by focusing on quality and better meeting the needs of our customers. T.R.G Technical services provide mechanical services in the UAE that is located in the United Arab Emirates.

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