Fabrication/Welding Services

Fabrication/Welding Services

fabrication welding service

Special Assignments (consultancy) for Oil and Gas Industry

In the context of special assignment, we are working as a manpower Supplier Company at the global level for all the oil and gas industry. We are also serving as one of the consultancy to serve the worldwide manpower supply in the perspective of welding and fabrication. At T.R.G Technical Services Company in Dubai are providing professionals at affordable prices. If you’re in search of availing our service to fulfill desired demand. Then just call us for hiring.

We are always struggling to provide you with the best customer experience with top- notch services provision both in Dubai and international countries including GCC, European and Canada.

Mechanical services

We Perform All Types of Fabrication and Welding Services in Dubai

T.R.G technical services company in Abu Dhabi is ISO certified company that provides services in oil and gas companies in Dubai .We are serving as top service provider in the field of oil and gas industry to all regions including Canada, European countries, and GCC. We are helping to provide you fabrication and welding services in Dubai and worldwide including the European regions, Gulf cooperation countries and Canada.

 As serving in our home country we are also working as a staffing agency in the United Arab Emirates to provide the best headhunting solution in the regard of fabrication services to the overall world. In the context of fabrication services in Dubai we offer erection of onsite packages, maintenance, modification, demolition, piping structural E&PI works. We provide the best solution to fill the requirement both employee and employers

Gate valves, dredger parts, buckets, offshore baskets, crane components, and material handling structures are just some of the things that T.R.G Mechanical services in UAE team can fabricate and repair.

Our main fabrication and welding services in Dubai for targeting both clients within Dubai and rest of the world are:

TIG , Arc , Spot & Stud welding , of Carbon steel, Stainless steels, Alloy steels such as Cu Ni, Inconel, Duplex, and Super Duplex steels, Fabrication of various components (Filters, Strainers, Hose, cooler coils, Screw Conveyor, Pressure Vessels, Tanks, Heat Exchanger, Condenser etc.), fixtures, Piping (pressure and non-pressure), structural and nonstructural both on site and in workshop.

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