Shutdown Services

Shutdown Services

top-rated shutdown services in Dubai

Our Special Assignments

In the context of special assignment, we are working as a manpower Supplier Company at the regional and global level. We are also serving as one of the manpower suppliers to the oil and gas companies in Dubai and all over the world. T.R.G mechanical services companies in UAE are providing professionals at affordable prices to the oil and gas offshore and onshore companies. If you’re in search of availing our service according to your demand. Then just call us.

Mechanical services

We Perform All Types of Shutdown Services in Dubai

T.R.G technical services company has a reputation for the best shutdown services in Dubai with distinguish manner is of the essence when it comes to inspecting and repairing vessels. When working under the time constraints of a shutdown, T.R.G technical services company in Dubai is ready and able to get the job done. Thanks to our extensive background, we are at the forefront of the industry when it comes to repairing things quickly, cheaply and securely.

When you hire T.R.G technical service provider in Dubai for shutdown services and maintenance, you will receive thorough inspection services that can save your time and money in the long term. We will send an inspector to your location to check out your current lining system up close and personal. We can inspect on foot, from a height, or with an unmanned Aerial vehicle. Our unmanned aerial vehicles are capable of taking both video and thermal projects.

Shutdown services of jobs as per scope of works such as for Desalination plants (MSF/MED), HRSGs (Boilers), Pressure Vessels, Columns, Oven Conveyor Chains, Degasifier Tanks etc.

Following the inspection, a thorough report will be drafted, complete with coloured photo documentation of the existing lining system’s condition at the time of writing. In this report, we will outline our suggestions for any further maintenance. The risk of unscheduled downtime to maintenance repairs is reduced or eliminated as a result of this method of identifying and prioritizing repairs.

TRG technical services company is your one-stop solution for all of your shutdown services in Dubai, UAE. Stay ahead of the game when looking for the shutdown services in Dubai. We will offer you and expertise you will never forget.

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